1. Why is my current data plan being converted to newer data plans?

As our valued customer, you have been selected to convert to our exclusive data plan that gives you better value and internet experience.

2. Do I need to unsubscribe my current data plan to be converted to the newer data plan?

No, you will be automatically converted to the new data plan when your existing data plan is renewed.

3. How many times of FREE Internet credit am I entitled to?

You can receive up to RM10 free Internet credit monthly for the first 3/6 months ONLY, depending on the data plan you are being converted to (with the condition that they continue to stay active on the exclusive data plan).

Note: Once you opt out from the change of data plan journey, you will no longer be entitled for this free Internet credit.

4. What will happen to my rollover data quota balance from the current data plan?

Your current rollover data quota balance will be forfeited once your data plan has been converted. Eligible subscribers will receive a free data quota up to 100GB (for 6 months) depending on their current data plan.

The free data validity will follow your new data plan validity (i.e if your data plan still has 28 days validity, this free data will have 28 days validity)

The free data will be granted to subscribers 6 hours after successfully converting to their new data plan. Subscribers will be notified via SMS when it is completed.

Note: Subsequent month, customer require to renew their new converted data plan on time in order to continue enjoying this free data.

Also, if you opt out from the new converted data plan, you will no longer be entitled for this free data.

5. Does my converted data plan come with data rollover feature?

The exclusive new data plan does not come with data rollover feature. You are advised to consume all Internet quota within the 1/7/30 days validity.

6. Will there be any change to my tenure, and can I continue to enjoy the tenure bonus after being converted to the new data plan?

The tenure will remain unchanged after being converted to a new data plan. You will be rewarded with more data (GB) the longer you stay with Digi and continue subscribing to the new data plan.

Tenure Bonus
1 months
2 months
3 - 6 months
7 - 12 months 
13 - 23 months 
24 months and above


7. What is the validity for the converted new data plan?

The validity for the new data plan is either 1 day or 7 days or 30 days (depending on which data plan you are converted to).

8. Is my new converted data plan auto renewable?

Yes, your exclusive new data plan is auto renewable. At the end of the 1/7/30 days validity period, the new data plan will be auto renewed if there is sufficient credit in subscribers' main balance.

9. Can I subscribe to other data plans after being converted to the new data plan?

You may subscribe to other data plans that are available via UMB *128# or MyDigi.

10. What happens if I do not have sufficient credit to renew my new data plan?

Your converted new data plan will be suspended temporarily if there is insufficient credit balance on renewal day. The data plan will auto renew as soon as there is sufficient credit.

11. How can I resubscribe to the converted data plan after I have unsubscribed?

You may refer to your MyDigi Box of Surprise (MyDigi BOS on usage page) or UMB BOS (*128*88#) to re-subscribe to the converted data plan that we customized based on your profile/historical spending pattern.

(Note: This is not applicable for below data plans - WILL NOT be able for purchase again once subscriber has opted out

a) RajaKombo 17 (Unltd YT n Social + 4GB + 30Mins IDD)

b) RajaKombo 30 (Unltd YT n Social + 10GB + 45Mins IDD)

c) Daily 1 (100MB) -1d

d) Daily 1 (100MB) -1d

e) RM35 for Unltd Internet-3mbps_Unltd Calls_6GB HS-AutoRenew

12. What are the apps included in data plans that come with “Unlimited Social”?

The Unlimited Social apps include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Imo/Twitter.

13. Can I use the Hotspot with the new data plans?

Yes, your base quota from your new data plans allows for Hotspot.

14. What do I do if I run out of Internet quota on the new data plan that I have been converted to?

You may get more Internet quota by purchasing a Monthly Plan Booster of On-Demand One-Time Pass via MyDigi or UMB *128