1. What is the Movie Tickets Giveaway about? 

This Movie Tickets Giveaway is a contest run by Digi Telecommunications where Digi customers stand a chance to win two (2) GSC Cinemas movie tickets each by guessing the correct answer on the contest post, either by commenting (Twitter) or giving a reaction (Facebook). This Giveaway will be posted every Wednesday, from 7th December 2022 until 25th January 2023 on Twitter (December 2022) and Facebook (January 2023).  


2. How can I join and stand a chance to win the movie tickets? 

You can join this Giveaway by guessing the correct movie on the contest post, either by commenting (Twitter) or giving a reaction (Facebook). 


3. What are the prizes to be won in this Giveaway? 

We will be giving away a total of 160 GSC Movie tickets throughout the contest period. Each week, 10 Digi customers will be selected to win two (2) GSC movie tickets each. Each ticket is worth up to RM22 and can be used to redeem any movie within the GSC app. Refer here for the ticket terms & conditions.


4. Who is eligible to join this Giveaway? 

This Giveaway is open to all Digi customers in Malaysia aged 18 and above. 


5. How are the winners chosen for this Giveaway? 

Entries with the correct movie title will be shortlisted to answer a trivia question. Digi will Direct Message the shortlisted participants on Twitter and Facebook respectively.  

6. How can I claim my movie tickets if I win the Giveaway? 

Winners will be given a unique code to redeem their two (2) tickets worth up to RM22 each via the GSC app.  

7. I am not an existing Digi customer. Can I still join this Giveaway? 

Yes you can. Simply sign up as a Digi customer, if you are shortlisted as a potential winner, we will Direct Message you and you may share with us your new Digi mobile number for verification.