All Digi subscribers currently able to make a 'Change SIM' request via Digi Store/ Digi Store Express would be eligible for Digi eSIM.

If you are an existing Digi user with a physical SIM card, you can get an eSIM by walking into the nearest participating Digi Store/ Digi Store Express and request for a SIM replacement (change SIM) for eSIM.

If you are a non-Digi user wishing to apply for a Digi eSIM and retain your old number, you must first complete your port-in/MNP process before you can apply for a Digi eSIM. Once your port-in is successful, you can now apply for a Digi eSIM via a SIM replacement (change SIM) request at zero charges.

Note: eSIM is not immediately available for new Postpaid registrations; simply request for a SIM replacement after completing your registration.