1. You must be aged 12 and above.
  2. You must have less than 5 Prepaid SIM cards registered to your ID.
  3. You must prepare either of the following valid IDs:
    • For Malaysians: Malaysian Identity Card (MyKad), MyKas, MyTentera, or MyPR
    • For non-Malaysians: Passport
      (Note: Self-registration via Passport can ONLY be done via mobile web browser)
  4. You must be connected to the Internet to perform the registration, either over WiFi or hotspot/mobile data.
  5. You must have a working camera on your device to be used for the registration.
  6. Self-registration via the MyDigi app is eligible for Malaysians only. Non-Malaysians can register their Lightning/Loose/Blank SIM at the nearest Digi Store.