Subscribers may sign-up for the Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited Package by:

  • subscribing to a new line
  • port-In from other telcos
  • convert from Digi Prepaid to Digi Postpaid, or
  • change of plan


These can be done at any Digi Store, Digi Store Express and Digi Dealer.


All new Digi Postpaid Family plan sign-ups require a plan advance payment collection as outlined below:


Activation type

Digi Stores, Digi Stores Express, Digi Dealers

Digi Online Store

New Line

1-Month Postpaid Plan FREE

1-Month Postpaid Plan FREE


1-Month Postpaid Plan FREE (waived until further notice)

1-Month Postpaid Plan FREE

Prepaid to Postpaid 

1-Month Postpaid Plan FREE

1-Month Postpaid Plan FREE

Change of plan

Postpaid tenure less than 6 months: 1-month Postpaid plan fee

Postpaid tenure more than 6 months:


Postpaid tenure less than 6 months: 

1-month Postpaid plan fee

Tenure more than 6 months: 



Non-Malaysians, who sign up for a Postpaid Line are required to pay a RM500 deposit at the point of registration. This deposit will be refunded after the customer stays for a minimum of 2 months according to the Postpaid Bill cycle.


In addition to the plan advance payment, subscribers may be subject to one-time fees that are charged to the first Postpaid bill.