1. What is the #Digi23ForS23 Contest about? 

The #Digi23ForS23 Contest is a contest by Digi, where participants can submit a video of them showcasing their skills in 23 seconds (no more, no less) on Instagram and stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S23. 


2. What is the #Digi23ForS23 Contest mechanics? 

Interested participants are required to:  

  • Record a video of yourself showcasing your skills or talent in 23 seconds (no more, no less) 
  • Post on Instagram Feed/Reels (make sure your account is public)  
  • Follow & tag @digitelco and include hashtag #Digi23ForS23 in your post 

Examples of talent/skills: doing 15 burpees in 23 seconds, doing full face make-up in 23 seconds, eating 15 nuggets in 23 seconds.  

Make sure the skill is safe!  


3. Who can join the #Digi23ForS23 Contest? 

All new and existing Digi subscribers residing in Malaysia are eligible to join this challenge.  

4. What is the prize for the #Digi23ForS23 Contest? 

Up to 23 units of Samsung Galaxy S23 (256GB) are up for grabs. One winner will only be eligible to one device. 


5. How will the winners for the #Digi23ForS23 Contest be selected? 

Potential winners will be selected by Digi’s Panel of Judges based on skill and creativity. 

6. I am not a Digi subscriber; can I still join the #Digi23ForS23 Contest? 

This #Digi23ForS23 Contest is open to only Digi subscribers residing in Malaysia. If you are not an existing Digi subscriber, you can sign up to be one in order to join the #Digi23ForS23 contest. 


7. How will I know if I have won the #Digi23ForS23 challenge? 

Potential winners will be contacted by Digi via Instagram Direct Message. Follow us @digitelco and please check your Direct Messages. Good luck! 

8. When is the contest period? 

The contest will be held from 3rd March 2023 to 30th March 2023 on Digi’s official Instagram page.