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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is 5G Booster?

5G Booster is a set of Internet one time pass that comes with additional 4G & 5G quota to enjoy maximum speed Internet access.

2. What do I get with a 5G Booster?

5G Booster is a fixed validity Internet one time pass that comes with 5G access & 4G / 5G Internet quota.

3. How do I subscribe to a 5G Booster? 

All active Digi Prepaid NEXT customers are able to subscribe to 5G Boosters via MyDigi app.

4. Can I use the 5G Booster Quota in 4G and 5G Coverage Areas?

Yes, the allocated data quota is usable in 4G and 5G coverage areas.

5. When my 5G booster quota depletes, can I utilize the existing Internet pass quota on 5G coverage areas?

Yes, as long as your 5G booster is still active you will continue to have access to 5G services. All quotas you currently have will be accessible on both 4G and 5G, depending on  the coverage area that you are in. For example, if your plan has 4GB data per month, you’ll have 4GB of data to use at the fastest speed possible at the time, whether it’s 4G or 5G. 

6. Is there a speed cap to the 5G Boosters?

Yes, there is a speed cap of 100Mbps for Prepaid plans.

7. If I am on an unlimited Internet pass can I get a 100Mbps on 5G?

If your quota is on a speed cap, the speed cap will continue to apply. However, you are able to subscribe to 5G Booster on top of your unlimited Internet pass to get additional quota of up 100Mbps speed.

8. Will my 5G Booster auto-renew on expiry?

No, there is no auto renewal for 5G Booster on Prepaid. You will need to resubscribe to the 5G Booster on MyDigi App to continue to enjoy 5G.

9. Can I do multiple subscription of 5G Booster?

Yes, multiple subscriptions are allowed.


For more information about Digi 5G, visit our General 5G FAQs here.