There are 3 criterias:

  • Be within the 5G coverage area
    1. You can enjoy Digi 5G when you’re within the 5G coverage area. You can check the 5G coverage here.

  • Have a 5G compatible device
    1. You need to be on a 5G compatible device to be able to enjoy Digi 5G. You can access the 5G compatible models here, under 5G Supported Devices section.
    2. If you do not have a 5G compatible device, you can check out Digi’s latest 5G device bundles here. Look out for devices with 5G in the device’s names.
    3. Currently, 5G is compatible with selected Android and iPhone models. Stay tuned as more devices are enabled over time.

  • Subscribe 5G Booster 
    1. You need opt in to any 1 of our 5G Booster to start enjoying 5G