If you are subscribed to Roam Like Home Freedom Add-Ons before 1st Aug 2023, please refer below for details.

Offer Details

Roam Like Home is a monthly recurring package, with a fixed monthly fee that gives subscribers roaming internet, voice calls and/or IDD in 10 countries:  


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Note: Operator selection is done automatically to the preferred local operator. Manual selection is only required if you have issues connecting to the preferred network.  


Roam Like Home offers: 

  • 10GB internet roaming in the 10 countries.
  • 60 mins roaming calls (make and receive calls to/from any country, while roaming in the 10 countries)
  • 60 mins IDD calls (make calls to the 10 countries from Malaysia) 

Note: Roaming calls are counted based on 60 second block.


Roam Like Home is available for FREE to existing Digi Postpaid subscribers without an active contract, by signing up for a 12-month contract via Freedom Add-Ons. Digi Postpaid plans that are eligible for Roam Like Home are: 

  1. Digi Postpaid 90 2021
  2. Digi Postpaid 120 2021
  3. Digi Postpaid 150 2021
  4. Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited

If you subscribed to Roam Like Home Freedom Add-Ons after 1st August 2023, please click here.


If you are currently subscribed to previous non-contractual Roam Like Home offers, please click here for further details.