1. Tell me about the promotion, what is it? 

Stand a chance to win a Nespresso Inissia coffee machine along with 34 coffee capsules worth RM747 when you sign-up for selected Celcom or Digi postpaid and prepaid plans or selected CelcomDigi Fibre plans. 


2. What is the eligibility to join the promotion and WIN the Nespresso Inissia coffee machine? 

The customer must adhere to any of the following criteria: 

  • New Registration
  • Mobile Number Portability (MNP) customers
  • Prepaid to Postpaid registration
  • Change of Plan – Upgrade (COP)
  • Service or Device Contracting 


For clarity purposes, 

  1. MNP customer from other service provider must successfully port-in to Celcom or Digi within the contest period.
  2. Fibre customer must successfully install and activate the Fibre services within the contest period.
  3. The following MNP customers are not eligible to participate in this contest: 
  • MNP from Celcom to Digi
  • MNP from Celcom's MVNO* to Digi
  • MNP from Digi to Celcom
  • MNP from Digi's MVNO** to Celcom

* List of Celcom's MVNO

Network provider



  • Merchantrade
  • Redone
  • Tunetalk
  • XOX Mobile
  • Yoodo

** List of Digi's MVNO

Network provider



  • Mcalls
  • MY Evolution
  • SpeakOut
  • Tap
  • Tone Wow
  • Cubic Telecom


3. What are the eligible plans to join the Jom 5G Malaysiaku Contest?

The customer must subscribe to any of the following be entitled for the contest: 

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4. Is this a limited-time promotion? 

Yes, this is a limited-time promotion. This promotion runs from 1st August to 30th September 2023. So, hurry up! 


5. Can I enjoy this campaign through other CelcomDigi channels? 

This promotion is available through any of the 534 Celcom and Digi stores nationwide and the online channels as stated below:

  • Celcom bluecube
  • Celcom Certified Partners
  • Celcom Online Shop
  • Digi Store
  • Digi Store Express
  • Digi Store Online


6. If I registered my interest in the eligible CelcomDigi fibre plan earlier, but my fibre plan is activated only after 1st August 2023, am I entitled for this contest? 

Yes, any fibre activation during the campaign period from 1st August to 30th September 2023 will be entitled for this contest. 


7. If I register my interest in fibre plan during campaign period, but the fibre plan is activated only after 30th September 2023, am I entitled for this contest? 

No, only fibre activation during the campaign period from 1st August to 30th September 2023 will be entitled for this contest. 


8. If I port-in Family Lines of Principal with 2 Supplementary from Telco A, how many chance will I be getting for the contest? 

The number of submissions will be determined by successful sign up and the plan activated. If all the 3 lines activated are within the list of eligible plans and criteria, all 3 lines will be entitled for the contest eligibility. 


9. How will I know if I am entitled to join the contest?

You will receive an SMS from CelcomDigi within 2 weeks of sign-up to inform you that you are eligible for the contest. You will be required to reply to the SMS to confirm your participation in the contest.


10. When will the winners be announced? 

CelcomDigi will identify fifty (50) potential winners every 2 weeks starting from 15th August 2023. CelcomDigi will contact the potential winners within ten (10) working days from the respective bi-weekly dates to answer one (1) simple question related to CelcomDigi correctly.


11. What is the redemption process for the prizes?  

 The Prize will be delivered to the Winners by Nestlé Products Sdn. Bhd. subject to the completion of the redemption steps as below: 

Step 1: Unique voucher codes will be sent to the winners via MyDigi app under MyRewards (for Digi customers) or Celcom Life App (CLA) just4me (for Celcom customers) with a step-by-step redemption guide, after the Contest Period at the end of November.

Step 2: Winners are required to call Nestlé Products Sdn. Bhd.’s designated 1800 redemption hotline provided with the voucher codes to process redemption and delivery. Winners must quote the voucher code provided for redemption verification purposes. 


12. Is there a delivery fee?  

No, there will be no delivery fee required. 


13. Where can I enquire about the delivery status?  

You may contact Nestlé Products Sdn Bhd on the designated hotline provided in the redemption steps above for the delivery status. 


14. How about the warranty?  

For any warranty claims or defects relating to the appliances, Customer is advised to contact and liaise directly with Nestlé Products Sdn Bhd.