How to switch to Digi

How to switch to Digi?
After receiving your new Digi SIM, don’t throw away your old SIM just yet!    Follow these simple steps to successfully switch to Digi.    Step...
Wed, 21 Dec, 2022 at 5:11 PM
Switch to Digi (Port-In) Failure
Your Switch to Digi (Port-In) request might not be successful due to some common reasons: You did not reply and accept the network switching confirmation ...
Fri, 9 Sep, 2022 at 3:45 PM
How to switch supplementary lines to Digi?
Follow these simple steps to switch your supplementary lines to Digi:   Step 1:  Get your postpaid bill and find out all the mobile numbers of your s...
Wed, 11 Jan, 2023 at 2:26 PM