For Digi Prepaid NEXT new line activation and base renewals, there are options of monthly auto-renewal and monthly one-time for Pakej Data Khas Belia subscription, both at RM20/month.

Subscribers who opt for monthly auto-renewal Pakej Data Khas Belia get to enjoy additional benefits of Unlimited Social (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and 2GB/month Hotspot, in addition to the all-usage Internet of 15GB/month. In contrast, for subscribers who opt for monthly one-time Pakej Data Khas Belia are entitled to the standard all usage Internet of 15GB/month only without additional benefits.

Pakej Data Khas Belia is also available to existing subscribers on legacy rate plans as monthly one-time subscription with Unlimited TikTok and Instagram in addition to all-usage Internet of 15GB/month at RM20/month.