1. What is Super Long Life?

Super Long Life is Digi Prepaid exclusive feature that allows subscribers to extend prepaid account validity up to 365 days.

2. Offers

Digi Prepaid subscribers on following eligible Digi Prepaid rate plans can extend account validity of their prepaid line by subscribing to Super Long Life.

Eligible rate plan


Digi Prepaid NEXT and Raja Kombo

RM1 for 1 day

RM108 for 365 days

Digi Prepaid LiVE

RM1 for 1 day


3. Validity

Super Long Life starts from the date of purchase. For example, if you purchased a 365-day Super Long Life on 4th June 2023, your account validity will start on 4th June and run for 365 days.

4. How to purchase

MyDigi app

Step 1: Login to MyDigi app. On the homepage, select 'Reload'

Step 2: Select 'Validity' at top right corner and select Super Long Life validity option



Step 1: Dial shortcode *128#. On the main menu, select '1 My Account'

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Step 2: Select '4 Talktime Services'

Step 3: Select '3 Super Long Life'

Step 4: Select Super Long Life denomination of choice to complete purchase transaction

Note: Super Long Life denomination will be shown based on available credit balance. For example, subscriber must have ≥RM108 credit balance in Prepaid account in order to find “RM108 for 365 days” denomination.