1. Are there any Data Charges when using this app? 

If you are on the Digi network, no data charges will be incurred for any usage within the app. However, redirection to other websites or apps from MyDigi app will incur standard data charges. 

2. How can I start using the Latest MyDigi App? 

Update your app! As long as your device is running on the Android 4.4.4 or iOS 8.0 and above, you will be able to enjoy the latest MyDigi app. 

3. If I terminated my Digi Mobile Number, what happens to my account? 

Your login account will be removed. 


4. If I ported out my mobile number to another mobile service provider, what happens to my account? 

Your login account will be removed. 


5. How do I login to the MyDigi App?  

At the login screen, enter your Digi phone number and enter the TAC code that will be sent to your Digi phone number for verification.

For the step-by-step guide, click here for English version and here for BM version.

6. If I have multiple Digi mobile Numbers, do I need to register multiple login accounts? 

No, you do not need to register multiple accounts. Just register for ONE login account and once you are logged in, you can link all your other mobile numbers to it. This way you’ll be able to manage multiple plans with one access.  

For first time users, you can still manage other numbers, but you are required to register for a D'Guard account which will enable access to view all your Digi numbers. To activate this service, follow these simple steps:


Step 1: After login, tap on the 'Menu' button on your homepage. 

Step 2: Click on the 'Arrow' button next to your registered mobile number. 

Step 3: Tap on 'Register to Manage Your Other Numbers'. 

Step 4: Fill in your mobile number, email, full name as per ID (IC), and password. Ensure all the details given are correct and click on 'Register'. 

Step 5: And you're done! You can now manage multiple Digi mobile numbers with the MyDigi app.

7. I forgot my password, how can I get a new password? 

At the login screen, click on the 'Forgot Password' link. You will be required to key in your email address, followed by the mobile number registered with your email address. 

You will see an option to send TAC via mobile or email. This is to prove your ownership of the account before you are given the option to reset your password. 

8. I am not able to register using my email address. What can I do to register using my email address? 

Please contact the Digi Customer Service at 0162211800. Our agents will require you to prove ownership of the email address with which you are trying to register. Once verified, you will be able to register for a MyDigi account using your email address. 

9. What happens when my mobile number has been claimed by another account? 

When a mobile number is added to an account, a TAC will be sent via SMS for verification. A user in possession of the SIM card can only verify this TAC and claim the mobile number. When this claim happens, an email will be sent to the previous user requesting them to update their mobile number. Now, the user needs to log in using their email address and update their mobile number. 

It's really that simple! Once you have successfully sign-up, you are now ready to explore the MyDigi app.