All Digi Fibre plans come with a 24-months contract. However, subscribers are able to terminate the contract earlier as there is no notice period for termination.

Penalty for early termination

1. A RM500 penalty will be imposed for early contract termination. 

2. Equipment is required to be returned to Digi. If you fail to return Digi’s equipment or if you return the Digi’s equipment in poor condition, a fee of RM500 will be charged. 

3. You must ensure that all and any personal and confidential data/ information has been cleared from the device. Digi is not liable for any loss due to personal data leakage from any devices returned.  

For subscribers who paid deposit upon Digi Fibre sign up, Digi will send a cheque to your address 3 months after your termination has ended. If you have any outstanding bill, your deposit will be deducted to settle the outstanding.

Note: Termination of Digi Fibre plans are required to be done only at Digi Stores. Kindly check the working hours of a Digi Store near you.