Relocation of Digi Fibre Plan is allowed, and it is subject to coverage area. Your plans will be re-contracted for 24 months upon successful relocation. Customer will need to walk-in to Digi Store to proceed, find the nearest  store here. Every relocation request will be subjected to a RM200 service relocation fee. 

You must bring Digi’s equipment (including accessories for equipment connected to the fibre wall socket of your premise) to your new premise to continue the service. Digi will not be responsible for any damage to the equipment during the relocation process. 

In the event your new address has no coverage, you can either wait until the fibre service is ready to be provided in your area or terminate your existing service and sign up to a new line upon service is available.

Note: Termination of plans within contract tenure will result in a RM500 penalty.