Important: Do not press the 'Reset' option on your modem/router if you are experiencing connection issue. Please follow self-troubleshooting instructions below.

Steps to conduct a speed test

Step 1: Switch off your router, modem, and computer/ laptop. Wait for 5 to 10 seconds before switching it back on.

Step 2: Connect your computer/ laptop with an Ethernet-certified CAT5e cable.

Step 3: Visit Speedtest by Ookla here.

Step 4: Click “Go” on the dashboard page and wait for the test to complete. The test is completed once both download and upload speeds are displayed as shown in the image below.

Steps to self-troubleshoot

If you are experiencing issues with connecting your phone, computer/ laptop, Smart TV, TV Box or other Wi-Fi devices to the Wi-Fi network, it may be caused by the following:

  • Device has the wrong Wi-Fi password.
  • Device settings are wrong.
  • Issues with the device itself.
  • Issues with your internet or Wi-Fi network.

You may try the following steps to troubleshoot:


Update Wi-Fi password 

If the Wi-Fi network password on your device is incorrect, the device will not connect to your network. This may be due to the password entered incorrectly, or your password was recently changed. To fix this issue, update or re-enter your network password on your device.


Device settings 

  • Please ensure the devices’ Wi-Fi setting is turned on.
  • While most devices that use Wi-Fi works with Digi Fibre, there may be devices that are not compatible. For additional support, you may need to contact your device’s manufacturer on Wi-Fi connection settings.

Issues with your internet or Wi-Fi network 

  • You may be experiencing poor coverage. As such, please make sure that your device is within the Wi-Fi range.
  • Slow internet connectivity may also result in intermittent connectivity and may cause your device to not work properly.

Steps to self-troubleshoot in router for no internet or frequent disconnection

Step 1: Reboot all devices including router, modem and connected devices.

Step 2: Please make sure the LAN cable is connected properly from the router (Port 1-4 - Yellow port) to the computer/ laptop.

Step 3: Ensure the fibre cable from the wall socket and modem is securely connected.

Step 4: Ensure the modem/ router is connected tightly to the power socket. Try to use another power socket/ power source to eliminate faulty power sockets/ power sources that could cause the issue.

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If the issue persists, contact us here or submit a support ticket through the MyDigi app for further assistance.