1. How do I redeem a reward I have purchased or downloaded?

Step 1: Open MyDigi App > "Shop" tab > MyRewards
Step 2: Tap on the reward and click on “View Voucher” to reveal the discount code, barcode or QR code.

Step 3a: To redeem your reward from a merchant’s physical store, the store assistant will assist you to click on “Mark As Redeemed” after completing your transaction.
Step 3b: To redeem from a merchant’s online store, the “Mark As Redeemed” button is available for you to mark your voucher as used after completing your transaction. Please take note that the voucher will be marked as “Redeemed” and you will no longer be able to access or use the voucher after this.

2. What happened to my reward? It has disappeared from the My Rewards section.
If you're sure you haven't already redeemed, it may have already expired and hence be no longer valid for redemption.