Digi Prepaid subscribers have the option to subscribe to internet plans using the following methods: 

a) MyDigi app

b) MyDigi web

c) UMB

MyDigi app

1. Login to your MyDigi account and select 'BUY ADD-ONS'

2. Select your desired internet plan

3. Select your preferred payment method 

4. Click 'Confirm' to subscribe 


MyDigi web

1. login to MyDigi web and enter TAC number

2. Select 'Subscriptions' and select 'Buy Add-Ons'. 

3. Select 'Monthly Active' and choose your desired internet plan. 

 4. Select your preferred payment method and click 'Proceed' to complete the purchase. 




1. Dial *128# to access UMB menu. 

2. Reply '1 My Account'.

3. To purchase an internet plan, select '1 Monthly Internet'

4. Select your desired internet plan.

5. Reply '1 Subscribe' to confirm purchase.

6. Purchase successful.