Here’s how you can easily pay your Postpaid bill using a Digi Kiosk.

Note: Payment made via Digi Kiosks will be reflected within 2 hours.

Step 1: Select your preferred language from the kiosk home screen 

Step 2: Select ‘Bill Payment’ to proceed 

Step 3: Select your preferred payment mode 

Step 4: Select your preferred option to identify your payment amount 

Step 5: Enter your mobile number if ‘Mobile Number’ was selected 

Step 6: Wait until processing of request is complete 


Step 7: Enter amount to pay via the edit icon and tap ‘Next’ to proceed 


Note: Effective 1 Jan 2022, Digi no longer accepts cheque/bank drafts for individual Postpaid bill payment. 

- Make cash payment at the nearest Digi Kiosk.
- Pay with debit/credit card or sign up for auto-billing now.