Did you know auto-billing is the simplest, safest and most convenient way to pay your Digi Postpaid bills. Signing up for auto-billing means you authorize Digi to automatically debit your postpaid bill amount from your credit card account to be paid at your normal bill cycle. 

Signing up for auto-billing not only eases you from the hassle of paying your postpaid bills, but also rewards you with 5% rebate x 6 months off your bill. The rebate will be granted upon successful registration of the auto-billing to all subscribers that is activated the auto-billing for the first time only. Returning auto-billing subscribers will not enjoy the rebate for the subsequent successful auto-billing registration. The rebate will only be recurring for 6 months.


You can check out the auto-billing FAQ to learn how you can easily sign up and activate the auto-billing feature to have a worry-free bill payment experience moving forward.