Digi Prepaid subscribers are able to unsubscribe from internet plans using the following methods: 

a) MyDigi app

b) MyDigi web 

c) UMB

MyDigi App

1. Login to your MyDigi account and click the 3-line button on the top left corner.

2. Select 'Settings'.

3. Select 'My Subscriptions'. 

4. Toggle the internet plan you wish to unsubscribe from to the left. 

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5. Select ‘Confirm’ to unsubscribe.

MyDigi web

1. Login to MyDigi via web and enter TAC code.

2. Under 'Account', select 'Subscriptions'

3. Under ‘Subscriptions’, toggle the blue button to the left to unsubscribe.  



1. Dial *128# to access UMB menu

2. Reply '2 Truly High Speed Internet Plans'

3. Reply '5 Unsubscribe'

4. Reply '1 <your subscribed internet plan>'

5. Reply '1 Unsubscribe' to confirm unsubscription.