Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the campaign about? 

Digi x Samsung campaign is an exclusive campaign organized by Digi and Samsung to reward new customer: 

  • Who subscribe to either Digi Fibre 150, Digi Fibre 190, Digi Fibre 270 and Digi Fibre 290 plans only.
  • Who purchase any Samsung Smart Monitors on Samsung e-store within the campaign period.

2. What is the period of the campaign?

This campaign is valid from 14th September 2021 until 30th November 2021.

3. Who is eligible to participate in the campaign? 

  1. Digi customer who signs up Digi Fibre 150 plans and above.
  2. Samsung customer who purchases a Smart Monitor via Samsung e-store. 

4. What is the offer if I participate in the campaign? 

  1. Digi customer who sign up on the eligible plan are entitled to get a Samsung E-voucher worth RM150.
  2. Samsung customer who purchases a Smart Monitor via Samsung e-store are entitled to get a Digi Fibre RM150 rebate which will be credited for RM30 x 5 months.

For Digi Fibre Customers

1. How do I redeem my Samsung E-voucher?  

You will receive your Samsung E-voucher within 14 days after one (1) month of your fibre service is installed and activated. The E-voucher will be rewarded to you via MyDigi App. Redemption guideline will be provided in the Reward page. You may follow the given instruction to proceed with redemption. 

2. I sign up for a Digi Fibre 150 plan within the campaign period but schedule the installation date after the campaign period. Am I still eligible to get the Samsung E-voucher?

Yes, you will still be entitled to the offer as long as you sign up within the campaign period. Your fibre service must be installed and activated by 31st December 2021.  

3. Where can I use the Samsung E-voucher? 

You can only use the Samsung E-voucher on Samsung e-store for the purchase of Smart Monitor only.  

Please visit their E-Store

4. What is the validity of the Samsung E-voucher?

The E-voucher has a validity until 31st December 2021. 

For Samsung Customers

1. How do I receive Digi’s E-voucher?

  1. Upon successful purchase of one (1) unit of the selected Smart Monitor 
  2. You are required to register / sign into Samsung Members account on the Smart Monitor
    How to enter [Samsung Account] on setting menu: Settings > General > System Manager > Samsung Account
  3. Upon registration completed, you will receive an automated email consists of E-voucher code & Digi’s microsite link.
  4. You will need to submit the required details as per stated in the Digi form.

2. What if I terminate my Digi Fibre subscription? 

If you terminate your Digi Fibre subscription within your 24-months contract tenure, we will forfeit the RM150 rebate and be subject to an early termination penalty of RM500. 

3. Can I change my Digi Fibre plan after I redeemed this promo?

Yes, you can. You will still enjoy the RM150 rebate if you opt for an upgrade. If you upgrade within the first 5 months, the remaining rebate will be reflected on your new plan. 

Please note that you will not be allowed to downgrade your plan within the 24 months of your contract. 

4. During the campaign period, can I enjoy other promotions/offers from Digi as well?

No, you are eligible for only one (1) fibre promotion at any time. Once submitted, you will not be able to change or select other promotions.  

5. I am eligible to get Digi Fibre RM150 rebate. However, my area is not serviceable. What should I do?

The RM150 rebate will be given to eligible customer within serviceable fibre area and subject to port availability. In the event eligible customer are not within fibre coverage and/or with port availability, Digi will still honor the RM150 rebate once your fibre is installed.