Digi Postpaid Lines will be terminated if there is an outstanding payment of 3 consecutive months. 

To reactivate the terminated Postpaid Line:

  • Clear any Overdue/ Outstanding Bills
  • Bring your NRIC and walk to the nearest Digi Store 

Note: Please be advised that reactivating the terminated number will be subject to availability.


Digi Prepaid Lines will be terminated if there is no reload activity done for more than 90 days.  

Reinstatement of a terminated Digi Prepaid Line is only allowed if:

  • For Digi Registered Numbers: The line was terminated less than 25 days ago
  • For Port-In Numbers: The line was terminated less than 15 days ago. 

Steps to reinstate a terminated Digi Prepaid Line:

  1. Submit your request here, and we will guide you through a digital self-authentication process.
  2. Please ensure you have:
    1. Your Digi Prepaid SIM Card
    2. Mobile phone with a working camera
    3. Your Identification Card – NRIC, Passport (only for Non-Malaysian), MyTentera, MyKAS, or MyPR
  3. Perform digital self-authentication.
  4. If the digital self-authentication process is successful, your terminated Digi Prepaid Line will be reinstated in 3 to 5 working days.
  5. If the digital self-authentication is unsuccessful, please walk to any of our Digi Stores for further assistance.

Digital self-authentication process can be done from overseas as long as you have an active internet connection i.e. via WiFi.

Upon successful reinstatement:

  • Your Digi Prepaid Line will be automatically reinstated under the Prepaid NEXT rate plan. Your previous Prepaid rate plan and its benefits before the reinstatement will no longer be available. Click here to view the benefits of Prepaid NEXT.
  • You will retain the same Mobile Number and use your existing SIM Card.
  • Any credit balance, internet quota and freebies prior to the termination will be forfeited.
  • The tenure as a Digi customer for the reinstated Digi Prepaid Line will be reset.

Note: Reinstatement is only allowed once per mobile number. To avoid permanent termination, please ensure you reload at least once in 90 days to keep your number active.