You can switch by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Submit your request to switch to Digi at either:

1. Online 

2. Walk into the nearest Digi Store - Please bring along your ID card for registration.


Please ensure that:

  • Your line is active. 
  • You do not have any ongoing contract with your current service provider. 
  • You have no outstanding bills with your current service provider.
  • The submitted mobile number(s) is registered under your ID and your personal details match those with your current service provider.


Step 2: Reply port-out confirmation SMS

After receiving your new Digi SIM, don't insert the SIM yet! 

Look out for a port-out confirmation SMS from your current service provider and follow the instructions to reply. Please reply within the specified deadline.

Sample reply:

U Mobile & Maxis


PortOut Yes 601XXXXXXX



For online submissions, SIM delivery will take a minimum of 3 days for Peninsular Malaysia and minimum of 4 days for East Malaysia.   


Step 3: Wait for successful porting SMS

You will get an SMS on the status of your porting within 48 hours.


Step 4: Insert new Digi SIM

Once you have lost connection to your current service provider, insert your new Digi SIM and start connecting! 

You may experience the following immediately after porting in. Please read the relevant articles to find out how to troubleshoot:


If you need help porting into Digi, please call us at 016-2211800.