1. What is #MYBaikHati?

#MYBaikHati is a device crowdsourcing Campaign jointly led by the telecommunication sector to provide digital learning tools for school students from the B40/lower-income families to facilitate their digital learning needs. It is a drive to collect used devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops from the public to be repurposed to the students from the B40 households.

This Campaign is in addition to the Tabung Cerdik initiative, which involves participation of 13 GLICs and GLCs, collectively contributing RM150million for provisioning of laptops and data connectivity to be distributed to 150,000 students in 500 schools.

2. Which telcos are involved in this campaign?

All telecommunication service providers, namely Celcom, Digi, Maxis, U Mobile, Telekom Malaysia, and TIME dotCom will each conduct this crowdsourcing Campaign at their selected retail centres or other channels respectively. The pilot will begin in Klang Valley and will be expanded to cover other states progressively. It is a joint industry Campaign that is supported by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).


3. Why was this campaign introduced?

This campaign is introduced to help students from lower-income families, giving them the opportunity to adapt to the new norm of online lessons, e-learning and outside-classroom teaching. It is also in line with the long-term national education agenda to enable a digital learning environment for Malaysia.

In 2020, the Ministry of Education Malaysia launched the Digital Education Learning Initiative Malaysia (DELIMa) platform to help students and teachers embrace digital learning. With the pandemic forcing the shift of teaching and learning to online, this Campaign will provide better digital access to students from the B40 communities.


4. How is the crowdsourcing done?

As a start, Digi will collect used Devices internally from its employees and subsequently extended to its customers and general public. Everyone is encouraged to donate functional devices but that are no longer in use, and this will benefit students who need digital devices for online learning.

The donation process is available at our Yellow Heart #MYBaikHati Campaign page. Donors have two options to donate their used devices:

  1. To request for pick up by Digi’s logistics partner from donor’s location (eg. home). Donors are required to register their interest to donate via an online form available at Yellow Heart #MYBaikHati Campaign page. Upon registration, the logistics company will be in touch with the donor to schedule the pickup; OR
  2. To drop off at Digi’s selected collection points - Digi Store Klang or Digi Store Cheras.


5. When will this campaign begin?

This Campaign will begin on 15 March 2021. Phase 1 or the pilot phase of the collection drive will focus on Klang Valley and will be expanded to other regions progressively.

6. When will the campaign extend to other regions?

The pilot phase will begin in Klang Valley and will be extended progressively to other regions later in 2021. Updates on subsequent phases will be on Yellow Heart #MYBaikHati Campaign page.

7. How long will this campaign go on?

Digi targets to collect 1,200 devices for refurbishment and distribution within a span of 12 months starting from 15 March 2021 onwards.


8. What are the terms and conditions that apply to donors?

All donors are required to agree to the Terms and Conditions and Digi’s Privacy Statement, available at Yellow Heart #MYBaikHati Campaign page.


9. Why do you need to collect my personal information?

The information is collected to facilitate pickup arrangements and for donors’ consent to release Digi of any liability upon handing over the device. All donors’ information is protected by our Privacy Statement as stated in the Terms and Conditions.


10. What Devices can be donated?

The devices to be donated should be in working condition with no major damage (eg. damaged screen or motherboard). Devices with minor issues (eg. keyboard not working, battery not working etc) are still acceptable. Digi will collect used smart devices (smartphones, tablets) that are 4G/LTE enabled as well as laptops, notebooks, Chromebooks with Windows 8 and above. We encourage donors to donate the chargers (if available) alongside the device.

Devices that are NOT accepted include desktops, feature phones (non-smart phones), 3G smart-phones and other electronic Devices or accessories (eg. mp3 players, game consoles, mouse, keyboard, etc.)


11. Why do you not collect 3G phones?

It was announced that Malaysia is targeting to shut down 3G networks by the end of 2021 in order to improve 4G/LTE networks, which will serve as the foundation for 5G deployment. Therefore, we will only collect 4G/LTE and VoLTE enabled phones. You can check whether your device is 4G/LTE or VoLTE enabled on Digi’s VoLTE page or at an external site.


12. How do I know if my laptop is suitable for donation?

Please donate laptops that was originally installed with Windows 8 and above computer Operating System (OS). Older version will not be suitable for refurbishment as Microsoft has ended their mainstream support for Windows 8 or older version OS. You can check your Operating System version following these instructions.


13. What happens to the device after I donate?

Upon donating, donors will be required to provide consent to Digi to assess the feasibility of refurbishment. Upon assessment, all devices meeting the requirement will undergo a data wipe or factory reset for data privacy purposes and refurbishment accordingly before being prepared for distribution. Refurbished devices will not include any software or connectivity.

Devices that do not meet the requirements of refurbishment will be routed to an e-waste programme to ensure responsible disposal. Digi will bear all costs related to the collection, refurbishment, and redistribution of the devices.


14. What if the device cannot be refurbished?

Upon donating, donors will be required to provide consent to Digi to assess the feasibility of refurbishment and upon assessment, all devices that do not meet the requirements will be routed to an e-waste programme to ensure responsible disposal.


15. How will the Pusat Internet Komuniti (PIK) be selected?

Digi will select the Pusat Internet Komuniti (PIK) prioritised based on the needs of the communities, working alongside local community leaders and Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).


16. How long will the process take before the distributions can start?

The first cycle of collection will take place from 15 March till 30 June. The first batch of refurbishment and distribution is estimated to take place in Quarter 3, 2021.


17. I’m a student, who cannot afford to buy a device, can I apply to receive this used device?

The refurbished devices will be distributed on a loan basis at Digi’s selected Pusat Internet Komuniti (PIK) and priority will be given to the community around the internet centres. Recipient’s eligibility will be validated against the B40 list as provided by government.


18. How do I know/ check if I am listed under the B40 recipient list?

You will have to validate your eligibility by walking into Digi’s selected Pusat Internet Komuniti (PIK) and checking with the staff at the centre.