Here’s a checklist to ensure that your devices are good to go.



Smartphones/ Tablets

Devices must be 4G/LTE compatible. How to check:

  1. Head to and find your model.
  2. Go to “Technology” to confirm it is LTE/4G compatible.


  1. Still in working condition with no major damage (eg. Damaged screen or motherboard).
  2. Devices with minor issues (eg. Keyboard not working, battery not working, etc) is acceptable.
  3. Include chargers if available. 
  4. All internal hard discs are accepted (SSD preferred).
  5. Only laptops that are running on Windows 8 or the newer version will be accepted. 

  • Pack your used devices and include chargers if available (smartphones, tablets and laptops).

  • Devices that are NOT accepted include desktops, feature phones (non-smart phones), 3G smart-phones and other electronic devices or accessories (eg. mp3 players, game consoles, mouse, keyboard, etc).

  • Please view the FAQs for more information.