Where can Digi customers lodge complaints?

Digi Customers can lodge complaints via the following channels:

What is the process during complaint registration?

Digi will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and check if info gathered is sufficient for further investigation.

  • All registered complaints will be provided with a Digi Complaint ID.
    • Network related complaints made via MCMC Aduan Portal require a Digi Complaint ID before lodging complaint at the MCMC portal.

In the event more information is required, Digi will contact the complainant accordingly. 

  • For complaints registered under the MyDigi app, all communications will be relayed within MyDigi.

What happens if the Digi customer cannot be reached?

After the 1st attempt, Digi will issue an SMS informing of the next scheduled call. In the event the customer is uncontactable after 3 attempts, the case will be closed. 

  • The customer may proceed to create a new complaint if needed.

How long before the Digi customer receives response on the complaint resolution?

Digi will strive to resolve all cases in the shortest time possible. 

  • For simple cases, we target to resolve within 3 working days.
  • For complex cases, we target to resolve within 10 working days.