In terms of internet quota utilisation, the Always-on Gaming Internet with Optimised Gaming Latency (OGL) sits at the highest internet quota utilisation precedence. This is followed by the next precedence for internet freebie (such as free 5GB x 12 times for first 500 new line sign-ups for RDY Gaming plan).

Subsequently, the precedence is followed by consumption from short validity (validity <30 days) on-demand internet passes from app-based to time-based to all-usage quota. 

Below the precedence of on-demand internet passes, the precedence is followed by Monthly Plan Booster (also known as Quota Top-up). The next precedence refers to Monthly Active Internet Plan from app-based unlimited to time-based quota. The subsequent precedence refers to all-usage Internet quota from RDY88 Monthly Internet plan subscription. 

At the bottom end of the precedence, it is the Free Basic Internet (FBI) from RDY Gaming plan to ensure always-on internet experience.