All Digi customers have the right to withdraw their consent for direct marketing purposes at any time.

Customers can change preferences in MyDigi App or MyDigi Web.

a. In MyDigi App: select Menu -> Settings ->  Communications -> toggle the options left (it should turn grey).



b. MyDigi Web: Select Account -> Communications -> untick the options 

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In the case of an unsuccessful opt-in/opt-out on MyDigi, please try again or contact us for help.
Please note that upon successful opt-out:
  • You will not be notified via SMS or email on any promotions, exclusive offers, loyalty and benefits about Digi products & services.
  • You will not be notified via SMS or email on any promotions about Digi partner’s products & services.
  • You will continue to see current offers and promotions on MyDigi App and MyDigi Web.
  • You will continue to receive account-related notifications from Digi, such as internet quota information, bill payment reminders, and service disruption messages.