Effective 18 March 2022, Digi Prepaid Abadi will no longer be available. Customers who have subscribed to Digi Prepaid Abadi will no longer enjoy the service that includes internet plan + insurance coverage. 

Seamless Upgrade to Digi Prepaid NEXT on 18 March

Your Digi Prepaid Abadi internet plan will be upgraded to Digi Prepaid NEXT Internet Plan automatically to ensure you continue to stay connected anytime, anywhere.  

FREE RM20 Digi Prepaid Credit

Your existing active internet plan with Digi Prepaid Abadi will be forfeited. However, you will receive FREE RM20 prepaid credit (valid for 7-days) in your MyDigi app. The FREE credit can be used to purchase any NEXT Internet plan of your choice. Get the best value and savings now with Truly High-Speed Internet up to 40GB.

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FREE Super Long Life worth RM108

Aside from the above, you will also receive Super Long Life for 365 days (one-time only) worth RM108 to ensure you have non-stop connectivity.  

Exclusive Insurance Offers from as low as RM2/month

All insurance policies will be discontinued effectively on 31 March 2022, through this change. If you wish to stay protected, AXA AFFIN Life has an exclusive life insurance offer (eLife Protector+) with monthly premiums from as low as RM2/month. Sign up here from your mobile; all in 5 mins. 

No medical check-up required.