Promo Background

Customers who purchase a new or MNP Prepaid NEXT35/45 plan will be entitled to get FREE 5GB High-Speed Internet for up to 12 months. 

Promo Eligibility  

This offer is applicable to Digi Prepaid NEXT35 and NEXT45 new and MNP plans only. 

5GB for 12 Months 

  • You will be granted 5GB to your MyDigi account  within  2 days of purchasing eligible NEXT35 or NEXT45 plan. 
  • Subsequently, 5GB will be granted every 30 days for the remaining months.
  • The 5GB is all usage data and will be valid for 30 days.

How to Purchase

This offer is available exclusively on the Digi Store Online (DSO) and by walk-in to Digi Store.

Step 1: Visit the Digi Store Online. Head toPrepaid NEXT's Main Page and select 'Buy Now'.

Step 2:  Select 'Get New SIM' or 'Switch to Digi'.

Step 3:  Fill in your Personal Details including NRIC and Mobile Number to proceed.

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Step 4:  Select Active Monthly Internet Plan NEXT 35 or 45. 

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Step 5: Fill in your Billing and Shipping Details.

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Step 6:  Click 'Proceed' to complete the Purchase Transaction. 

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