1. Why has my current Prepaid Broadband plan been upgraded to Prepaid Digi Home Broadband? 

Your current prepaid mobile broadband plan will be discontinued on 5 September 2022.  


As our valued subscriber, you have been selected to upgrade to Digi Home Broadband plan to continue to enjoy the best internet experience with Digi.   



2. What do I have to do to upgrade to the Digi Home Broadband?      

Our system will automatically upgrade the subscribers to the latest Digi Home Broadband plan effective from 5 September 2022.



3. Do I have to change my existing prepaid broadband number / MSISDN and sim card to enjoy the upgraded Digi Home Broadband plan?    

No. Subscribers may continue to use their existing number/MSISDN and SIM card to enjoy the upgraded Digi Home Broadband. 


4. Can I switch back to my old prepaid broadband plan? 

Subscriber’s old Prepaid Broadband plan will no longer be available once they have been upgraded to our Digi Home Broadband plan on 5 September 2022.

5. How can I start enjoying Digi Home Broadband plan internet service?    

To ease the transition of upgrading  you to the Home Broadband plan, a Free RM30 internet credit will be granted for the first 3 months and automatically subscribe to the monthly internet plan “Broadband Monthly RM30”. You will have seamless experience and continue to enjoy the internet service during the transition period.   

6. How much data do I get to enjoy under this “Broadband Monthly RM30” internet plan?    

The “Broadband Monthly RM30” internet plan comes with 10GB High-speed internet for all usages and 10GB streaming quota. 


The streaming quota cover the top popular media & video contents like Youtube, Youtube Gaming, Youtube Kids, Daily Motion, Soundhound, Era FM, Hitz FM, Fly FM, Traxx FM, BFM FM, Hot FM, Sinar FM, MY FM, THR Raga FM, Melody FM, 8 FM and Buletin FM. 

7. Do I get any base quota for the Home Broadband plan?

Yes. Subscribers will be entitled to a 5MB base quota per month under the Home Broadband plan as long as their line is active. 

8. Is there any other monthly broadband internet plan option available? 

Yes, you may unsubscribe the “Broadband Monthly RM30” and subscribe to “Broadband Monthly RM60” for up to 20GB High-speed GB and 24GB streaming quota. Please ensure you have sufficient RM60 credit balance for the initial subscription and subsequent monthly renewal. 

9. What should I do if my Broadband Monthly internet plan quota has been exhausted?    

Subscribers may opt to purchase the internet Add-on for more quota once their Broadband Monthly plan quota is exhausted.

Internet Add-on Plan

  1. BB Unlimited VoIP-30days (RM5) 

  2. BB 20GB (ALL Usage)-30days (RM25) 

  3. BB 20GB (Streaming)-30days (RM20) 

10. Do I have to resubscribe to my monthly internet plan?
Both the Broadband Monthly RM30 and Broadband Monthly RM60 internet plan will be auto renewed upon expiry if there is sufficient credit balance with your broadband line. As a gesture of goodwill, you will also be granted Free RM30 internet credit on the 5 October and 4 November to renew your Broadband Monthly internet plan or to purchase internet  add-on for more quota.  


11. What are the Internet Add-on plans available? 

  1. BB Unlimited VoIP-30days (RM5) 

  2. BB 20GB (ALL Usage)-30days (RM25) 

  3. BB 20GB (Streaming)-30days (RM20) 

12. What happens if I do not have sufficient credit to renew my Broadband Monthly internet plan?

Subscribers’ Broadband Monthly internet plan will be suspended temporarily if there is insufficient credit balance. The internet plan will be auto renewed as soon as their line is top-upped with sufficient credit amount. 

13. Where can I subscribe to the Broadband Monthly internet plan or purchase the internet add-on plans?

You may subscribe to the Broadband Monthly internet plan or purchase the Internet Add-on plans via UMB *128# or MyDigi.

14. What is the life cycle for Home Broadband plan? 

  • Active – 35 days 

  • R1/Barring – 88 days 

  • R2/Suspend – 2 days 

15. How much reload do I need to top-up to maintain my broadband line?    

Refer to the table below to top-up your broadband line according to the desired validity days that you would like to keep the line active.

Reload Denomination

Account Validity

RM1 – RM3 

3 days 


5 days 


10 days 


10 days 


20 days 


30 days