1. What are the channels available for me to change my account from Postpaid to Prepaid? 

Only Digi Stores are able to perform this type of transaction. 


2. What are the requirements if I want to change my account from Postpaid to Prepaid? 

  • All outstanding needs to be cleared. 
  • Only the Principal account holder is allowed to perform the transaction. 


3. Do I need to bring any documentation when I walk-in? 

Please bring your NRIC or Passport along with you. 

4. I have made some advance payments for my Postpaid account. Will I get it back? 

The advance payment in the Postpaid account will be refunded and will not be carried forward to the Prepaid account. 


5. I still have some freebies in my Postpaid account. Will that be carried forward to my Prepaid account? 

The freebies will be forfeited and will not be carried forward. 


6. I have a contract with my Postpaid account. What will happen to the contract? 

If there is any penalty on the contractual account, subscribers need to pay the penalty before conversion to Prepaid. 


7. How many supplementary lines can I convert into Prepaid? 

All supplementary lines can be converted to Prepaid, but the lines must be registered under the Principal’s name.