1. What are the channels available for me to change my account from Prepaid to Postpaid?

Walk in to any Digi Stores or any of Digi authorised dealers to perform the transaction.

2. Do I need to bring any documentation when I walk-in?

Please bring your NRIC or Passport along with you.

Note: Switching from Digi Prepaid to Digi Postpaid is only eligible for 18 years old and above.

3. What will happen to my freebies? Will they be carried forward?

It will be forfeited.

4. I still have some credit balances in my Prepaid account. Will that be carried forward?

Only a maximum of RM100 will be allowed to be carried forward into the new Postpaid account.

5. Can I convert back my account into Prepaid?

Yes. You may find out the details here.

6. After changing my account into Postpaid, can I apply for the International Roaming service?

The International Roaming service will be given to subscribers by default upon changing the account into Postpaid.