1. Where can I download MyDigi App?

MyDigi App is available in Google Play and Apple App Store.


2. Which MyDigi App version should I have?

MyDigi App version 13.4 and above.

3. What happen if I scan the QR code, or click the “Scan Now” button without having MyDigi App in my phone?

Customers will be directed to Google Play or Apple App Store to download the MyDigi App. Once downloaded, scan the QR code or click the “Scan Now” button again to perform eKYC.


4. Can I use any browser to perform eKYC?

Use Google Chrome or Safari Browser for the best experience. For customers that are using Mozilla Firefox, they will need to enable the “open links in apps” in the browser Settings > Add-ons section.

5. Can I use private/incognito mode in my browser?

No, private or incognito mode should NOT be used to perform eKYC. 


6. Can I change any details after completing my NRIC and face scanning? E.g., name/address.

No, name & registered address will be auto populated and are not editable. 


7. What happen if my eKYC is unsuccessful? 

For unsuccessful eKYC, customers will have Store pick-up option. Minor validations will be done at the store before releasing the order. 


8. How can I get further assistance on this eKYC self-registration?

Contact our Digi Customer Service representative at 016 221 1800 for assistance or visit the nearest Digi Store.


9. What should I do if I exhausted all my ID scan retries attempts?

Try again after 5 minutes. 


10. Can I scan the picture or a photocopy of my ID?

No, customers are required to use the original ID to complete the document verification process.  


11. Can I take an image of another person or through a screen?

No, the facial recognition process must be performed by the individual, as a real-time image is mandatory.  

12. What should I do if my captured image is unclear/ blurry?

Here are some tips to ensure good quality images: 

  • Avoid glare or reflection when capturing the image. 
  • Ensure your image is taken in a brightly lit environment. 
  • Ensure that your ID fits into the allocated frame. 
  • Please do not cover or block your ID details when capturing the image.


13. What should I do if I failed the facial recognition/ selfie?

Customers will get an unsuccessful eKYC result. However, they are able to proceed to complete the registration journey and collect via Store pick-up.