There will be one-time fees to the subscribers for new line and port-in registrations which will be charged into the subscriber’s first bill as below:

Fees Type




Service Tax Status

Registration Type

(Digi Store/Digi Store Express/Digi Dealers/Digi Organized Trade Partners/DSO/MyDigi)

New Line



Change Of Plan

One-time Processing Fee 

(Appears in bill as ‘Processing Fee’)

Charged to the first bill




One Time SIM Fee 

[Appears in bill as “One Time Fee – SIM (NP:RM5)]

(Effective 14 October 2022 for all registrations which involve issuance of new SIM)






 *One-time SIM fee will be waived for registration via Digi Store Online, MyDigi App, Shopee or Lazada.


  • A one-time SIM fee of RM5 will be charged for every Postpaid line registration for new line and port-in registrations performed at Digi Stores and dealer outlets beginning 14 October 2022. This one-time fee is to cover SIM-related handling costs and will be charged to the subscriber’s first bill for sign-ups of Digi Postpaid plans (principal, family and Gadget SIM) and Postpaid Mobile Broadband plans (principal and supplementary)
  • The one-time processing fee of RM10 for administration/processing of the application will remain and be reflected on the first bill for lines registered on any channel.
  • These one-time fees will be charged to the subscriber’s first Postpaid bill.