This method is only for Digi subscribers with a Numbered SIM card and via mobile web browser.

Before we start on the self-activation process, please ensure

  • your device (mobile phone/tablet) has an internet connection
  • you have your ID and SIM pack with you
  • you are in a room with good lighting

 Step 1: Scan the QR code at the back of the SIM pack to access the SIM registration page.


Step 2: Scan the barcode on the SIM pack.


Step 3: Scan your ID (MyKad, MyTenteraMyPRMyKAS, Passport). 

Step 4: Snap a selfie.

Here are some tips to ensure good-quality images: 

  • Avoid glare or reflection when capturing the image.
  • Ensure your image is taken in a brightly lit environment.
  • Ensure that your ID fits into the allocated frame.
  • Please do not cover or block your ID details when capturing the image. 


Step 5: You will be redirected to the completion screen. 

Step 6: Insert the SIM card into your device and wait for two (2) to five (5) minutes to receive a SIM activation SMS.

This method is for Digi subscribers with a Lightning/Loose/Blank/Numbered SIM card and via the MyDigi app. 


Step 1: Download and launch the latest version of the MyDigi app. Tap on 'Activate SIM'. 



Step 2: Scan the barcode on your SIM card/SIM pack or enter the serial number manually. 

Step 3: Scan your ID (MyKad, Passport, MyTenteraMyPRMyKAS). 

Step 4: Snap a selfie. 

Step 5: Choose your plan and number. 

Step 6: Make payment and insert your SIM card to complete the registration and activation process.