Subscribers may sign-up for the Digi Postpaid All-New Postpaid Family package by:

  • subscribing to a new line
  • port-In from other telcos
  • convert from Digi Prepaid to Postpaid, or
  • change of plan


These can be done at any Digi Store, Digi Store Express and Digi Dealer.


All new Digi Postpaid Family plan sign-ups require a plan advance payment collection as outlined below: 

Activation Type

Digi Stores, Digi Stores Express, Digi Dealers

Digi Store Online

New Line

1-Month Postpaid Plan Fee 

1-Month Postpaid Plan Fee


1-Month Postpaid Plan Fee (waived until further notice) 

1-Month Postpaid Plan Fee

Prepaid to Postpaid 

1-Month Postpaid Plan Fee 

Not Available

Change of Plan


Not Available


Non-Malaysians, who sign up for a Postpaid Line are required to pay a RM500 deposit per line at the point of registration. This deposit will be refunded after two complete billing cycle from the date of account termination. For example, a non-Malaysian subscriber with billing cycle on 21st of each month and terminated the postpaid line on 23rd February would only receive the refund of the deposit after 21st April. 

In addition to the plan advance payment, subscribers may be subject to one-time fees that are charged to the first Postpaid bill.