If you are unable to receive OTP/TAC code, it could be due to: 

  • Service is in idle mode (not used for a long time)
  • Premium SMS is not turned on / allowed in your device settings

Here are a few ways to self-troubleshoot from your device:

1. Check your spam messages folder. If you have Truecaller app on your device, kindly check spam messages folder on the app as well.

2. Send ‘SMS IN’ to the merchant short code. For example, if you are trying to receive a TAC code from Maybank, send ‘SMS IN’ to 66628 (Maybank shortcode).

3. Restart your device. 

4. Enable premium SMS in your device settings.

Here's a step-by-step guide to enable premium SMS:

Step 1: Go to device settings and select ‘Apps’ 


Step 2: Select ‘Apps’ 


Step 3: Tap on the 4 dots icon 

Step 4: Select ‘Special access’ 


Step 5: Select ‘Premium SMS access’ 


Step 6: Tap on ‘Messaging’ and select ‘Always allow’

Note: Premium SMS feature is free of charge. Enabling the feature won't incur additional cost. However, standard SMS charges will apply for sending/replying to the SMS.

If you’ve tried all the above steps and are still unable to receive OTP/TAC code, submit an enquiry here