Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Pay via Digi for Huawei AppGallery?

Pay via Digi for Huawei App Gallery enables you to make digital subscription purchases on any Huawei devices by paying with your Digi monthly bill or prepaid balance.

2. How do I set up Pay via Digi for Huawei AppGallery?

You will need to set up Huawei ID. Once you have Huawei ID, go to Settings > Huawei ID > Payment & Purchases > select Mobile Payment > choose Mobile Phone.

3. What is Huawei AppGallery?
Huawei AppGallery is an app store available for both Huawei phones (pre-installed) and non-Huawei phones. For non-Huawei phones, Huawei AppGallery can be downloaded from the Huawei website.

4. What kinds of digital content or services that I can purchase in Huawei AppGallery?
 As of current, you can make in-app purchases in AppGallery, or products / services in above mentioned Apps, or purchase services like Huawei Cloud Space, Huawei Movies, Huawei Music, or Huawei Books, etc.

5. How can I get invoice from AppGallery after the purchase?
You can request from the following location from your phone:
Step 1: Go to 'Settings'

Step 2: Tap on 'Your Account' and 'Payment and Purchases'

Step 3: Select 'Purchase History' and click on the order you’ve made

Step 4: Click 'Request Invoice' to ask for the invoice. The invoice will be issued and sent to your email address registered in your Huawei account.

6. Are the price tags displayed on Huawei AppGallery in Malaysian Ringgit (RM)?
 Yes. Most of digital content are tagged with Malaysian Ringgit (RM), some may be in USD, but will be paid in Malaysian Ringgit (RM).

7. Do apps from the AppGallery automatically update?

Yes, apps downloaded via the Huawei AppGallery receive updates from the app providers.


8. Where can I get more help regarding purchasing on Huawei AppGallery?

You can refer to