You may be blacklisted because you did not pay all of your bills after terminating your Digi line. When you terminate, you must pay two types of bills: 


1. Outstanding bill

  • Charges up to the point where you requested to terminate or port-out from Digi.
  • Must be settled during the port-out process for you to port-out successfully from Digi.

2. Final bill 

  • Charges incurred between the outstanding bill and the date of termination.
  • Must be settled at the end of billing cycle upon receiving the final bill.


Please note that once blacklisted, you will be unable to sign up for any Postpaid plan from CelcomDigi or other service providers in Malaysia until you have settled the final bill. To remove your name from the blacklist record, pay the outstanding bills via these available payment channels.


If you’d like to check your outstanding / final bill amount, contact Digi Customer Service.

Note: After payment, your name will be removed from the record within three (3) working days of payment.